Keep sake film, what's the point

Keep sake film, whats the point?

Keep sake films allow me to bottle moments in time, and they also give me the power to intentionally shape my memories.

I have had two major “stop me in my tracks” picture moments that have shaped my “career” with a camera, and discovering the concept of family films was the second one of those moment. I was totally mesmerized, they weren’t my kids, I didn’t know the families int these films, but they were so emotional and captivating I just kept watching them! Fast forward s few years and a lot of training courses later, I am slightly obsessed with this ;o)

How often do you feel your children are growing up too fast? How often do you look at a mum with children younger than yours and feel you somehow missed that beautiful stage? How often do you feel the pressure of not good enough as a mum? Well for me personally the answer is all the time!
There is so much pressure to “enjoy every minute while they are little”, but actually it is also a super touch stretch looking after little ones, and it is all too easy to look back and feel we weren’t good enough at the various stages of having young children. Our brains are prone to remember more bad things than good,and before we know it, we have created quite negative stories and emotion. This is where the keep sake film magic comes into play. They allow you to beautifully capture little moments in time, and allows you to rejoin that moment forever! The fact that you can suddenly see you and your children moving through that moment again, hear the sound of their voices and laughter, brings back floods of memories. We always snap the milestone days, but what about the everyday moment that make up most of our lives like bath time, playing in the garden, going for a walk. You can choose to capture the moments that fill your heart the most. You can choose to capture it in which ever way you like, and you can therefor choose to shape your memory to be whatever you wish. And when you watch it back years later, you are reinforcing happy memories, not defaulting to a blurry negative memory. You can see that everyone were happy, you can see that you were good enough…

Main points

  • Bottle moments in time
  • Rejoin a moment, forever
  • Consciously shape my memories
  • Mindful of the things in our everyday life that makes me happy
  • Leave a documentary time capsule of our boys growing up

Yes, we all capture video on our phone, but the magic is in compiling those snippets into a final film. The final film is the equivalent of a picture album, it is an enjoyable format that you can share with others and treasure forever.
One day we will be in our nineties and on a cold autumn afternoon, we will be in front of the fire (hot chocolate with Baileys in hand), with some kind of futuristic iPad watching all our family films on our private Vimeo channel ;o)

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