linking your brand to video

Linking your brand to video

Some simple steps for planning a video around your brand.

You want your business videos to be inline with your brand, and not be their own separate entity. If you haven’t already got a full set of branding guidelines, I can not recommend enough that you get a set done. This will help all your decision making around styling and crating brand videos.


What are the main colours of your brand? Be true to your pallet, and consider how colours features in these elements:

  • What you wear
  • Your background
  • Props like flowers/plants, stationery, food

Brand values

What are your three key words for your brand? Make sure they are inline with your videos, consider things like:

  • The overall look & feel
  • The messages in your video
  • The format

Post production

There are lots of things you can do in post production to tie your film into your brand, and create consistency. hink about things like:

  • Music. Pick a rack that suits your brand message and consider using the track consistently.
  • Use your brand fonts in any text. This is typically not the font from your logo, but the fonts you would use for text and headers in your printed copy.
  • Do you want your logo to overlay the whole video?
  • Do you need an end image with your logo, social media details, a call to action? Consider using this end slide consistently across your videos.

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