Mindset shift for being on camera

Mindset shift for being in video

If you struggle to put your self out there and being visible in your own marketing, this is for you!

I am always having these conversations with people, so you may have heard me talk about these two mind shifts before, but I know they have helped a lot of people, so worth writing them down for sharing again 🙂

The only person unaligned with what you look like, is you!
Let’s be sensible here, it isn’t actually the task of being photographed or on video that’s troublesome – it doesn’t hurt, it isn’t difficult! The bit we don’t like it being confronted with how we look, sound, move etc. We don’t like what we see, so we hide away and avoid the camera. However, everyone around you, your partner, family, friends, customers and the person in the queue behind you in the supermarket all know what you look like! So, the only person you are hiding from, by avoiding the camera is you! We are the only people unaligned with what we look like, everyone else already knows what we look like and they just accept it, they don’t question anything about our looks!
I don’t love seeing picture or video of me, I am continuously surprised by how crocked my teeth are, by my awful(!) profile and dodgy lingering accent, but no one else are surprised, they all just know that’s what I look and sound like.

What if you look REALLY distinct or controversial!
Some people are convinced that they really have such a distinct/bad look, that they absolutely shouldn’t feature in their marketing. Let’s explore this idea, let’s imagine I’m 7ft tall, covered in tattoos, green spiky hair, facial piercings and let’s throw in a wooden leg to prove a point! Now imagine I don’t feature anywhere in my marketing. So when a young couple arriving at my studio for the first time with their brand new baby, and I open the door to greet them – that’s the point they are confronted with my distinct appearance for the first time – I feel they might take the baby and run. Compared to a situation where a customer look at my website, and they see me on there, they can gauge my personality in videos, they can see how I work with babies in my behind-the-scenes videos and hence by the time they arrive at my studio, they feel they recognise me.
My point is, if you feel so uncomfortable about your looks, at what point do you think it’s a good idea to “reveal” your self to your customer? At what point would you like them to cast their judgement – because we do all “judge” at some level whenever we meet anyone… there will always be a first impression…I personally feel you might as well embrace video and use it to show your personality. People buy people, and people will buy into your energy. They won’t really case about your crocked nose or your weight or your hair – they will care about what you do and how you do it 🙂

If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to hear them! Now hopefully this will help shift your mindset enough to have a go at being in a video and feature in your own marketing. The good news is, the more you do it, the more you become comfortable with what you look like, and you won’t have to fear those “oh no, is that what I look like” moments.

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