Video editing on your phone vs. desktop

Video editing on your phone vs. desktop

The main pros and cons for editing on your phone, and why you might want to consider other options.

You can absolutely edit your films in Apps on your phone, and get a brilliant outcome! There is no need to use fancy software, but for some projects you might want to consider other options.
I don’t think the important thing is what App or software to use, I think the main leanings are in the approach you take to the editing process. I use the exact same steps regardless of what device or software I edit in. Personally I predominantly edit on my desktop (because I spend my whole life editing images on there anyway), but for quick small films like “my day in 15 seconds” I do use the phone App – very handy for out and about, and events etc.

Editing on your phone


  • It’s at hand, you don’t need to buy/use any other device.
  • No hassle of moving footage from the phone to another device.
  • Edit quickly anywhere.
  • Lots of the editing Apps include royalty free music.
  • Some Apps are free.


  • It is fiddly and small to work with!
  • The better Apps aren’t free.
  • If you have a lot of footage to go through, it can be difficult to manage on a small screen.
  • The Apps are more limited in functionality than “proper” desktop software.
  • I find it hard to achieve the same “softness” on a phone compared to the desktop software.

That’s it, a few thought on editing. Hopefully your biggest takeway is “don’t let software stop you from getting going”. Just have a go at recording, and then take the editing one step at a time, starting on your phone!

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