‘Give a man a fish and you feed him a meal, teach him how to fish, and you feed him for life’

I’m Danish, married to a lovely British man and we have two amazing boys. I am constantly trying to hold on to the different phases of our boys, and never really feel ready for them to grow up, which is why I had a heart stopping moment when I first came across the concept of family films – they are just like bottling a moment! These films brings the memories right back to life, you can hear and feel everything all over again. Like a small time capsule, that allows you to travel back in time.
I’m slightly obsessed with creating these little films, super easy on our phones, and if I can inspire anyone else to come along on this journey and do the same, then I am suddenly creating time capsules for all of us to revisit for life 🙂

I LOVE chocolate cake, I don’t drink tea or coffee, I love to travel, I love people but I also like my own company. I grew up on a farm and feel quite country living at heart, but what’s not to like about a polished city break.

I didn’t study photography or videography, I have an MSC in e-commerce technology and programmed websites for years, but then gradually transitions across to photography and videography around the time when we had our first baby. I am always doing new training courses and always doing new things – I always want my next shoot to be my best shoot!

I think that sums me up…

Dorte x